Relatives of man who died in December urged to be careful while driving

BUCHENAN DAMINA, TX (KWTX) – It’s been almost a month since Patrick Morin died in a car accident in Mills County.

“How much time will this add to your journey if you just slow down and move out?” asked Patrick’s wife Mitzi Maureen.

This is what the Maureen family wants to know after their beloved husband and father were killed in a hit-and-run on December 10, 2022.

“No one wants to see the police show up at your door. When they did, as far as I remember, I said, “This is not good,” Mitzi said.

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, Morin was loading his car onto a tow truck on US183 near Goldthwaite when he was hit by a Toyota Tundra driven by 38-year-old Kerry Kavanaugh, after which he was unable to stop and provide assistance.

Save the life of a tow truck banner(Mitzi Morin)

“By not wearing a seat belt, you are playing with your life. When you pass someone on the side of the road, you are playing with someone else’s life at that moment, ”said Patrick’s son Christopher Morin.

Christopher and Mitzi do not consider the penalties for such actions to be severe enough.

“It just makes me really upset that there is no respect or they don’t follow the law. I see it as a disrespect for life,” said Mitzi Morin.

After the accident, groups such as the road angels gave the Maureen family unwavering support.

Now the family is working to protect the safety of other tow truck drivers as part of Patrick’s legacy.

“It’s important to honor Patrick’s memory by trying to save someone’s life,” Mitzi said.

Along with Christopher, Patrick is survived by a daughter, Bethany.

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