Reports say a Texas woman accused of kidnapping and killing a friend in 2019 pleads guilty.

Austin – A Texas woman accused of kidnapping and murdering her friend and then passing off the victim’s newborn baby as her own is expected to plead guilty, according to media reports.

Magen Fieramuska is expected to be sentenced to 55 years in prison after she strikes a plea bargain in court on Jan. 31. KKSAN and HLW reported. In the deal, Fieramuska also waives the right to appeal.

She was accused in January 2020 for the mortal murder of Heidi Broussard, who lived in Austin.

The indictment states that around December 12, 2019, Fieramuska abducted Broussard and her three-week-old daughter from her South Austin apartment.

Undated photo of Magen Fieramuska and Heidi Broussard. (KPRK)

She placed the woman in a black duffel bag and her body was later found in the trunk of Fieramuska’s car, police had previously said. The car was found parked outside a house in the Houston suburb of Jersey Village, where Fieramuska lived.

An infant named Margot Carey was found alive and later reunited with his father.

The indictment states that Fieramuska strangled Broussard with a leash and with her own hands.

Court records show that the women were friends and met at a church camp about ten years ago.

At one point, Fieramouski had the key to Broussard’s apartment and they talked about being pregnant together.

Broussard’s fiancé, Shane Carey, told police the women were expecting a baby in late 2019. Fieramuska was pregnant, he said, but investigators said they found discrepancies in her accounts of pregnancy and childbirth.

Carey said he never saw pictures of Fieramuska’s baby and the records do not indicate if she was actually pregnant.

Investigators believed she devised an elaborate scheme to present the Broussard girl as her own.

Fieramuska’s ex-boyfriend, Christopher Green, told police that she thought she was pregnant by him. They continued to live together after they broke up.

She told Green that she had given birth to a child without his knowledge and that the child was in their home. According to police, the child was actually Margot Carey.

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