Republicans from Texas to head 4 committees of the US House of Representatives

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Republican representatives from Texas, including one from the Austin area, will chair four successive committees in the new GOP-led Congress.


Rep. Kay Granger, R-Fort Worth, will now chair the House Appropriations Committee, which oversees public spending. She represents the 12th congressional district in north Texas.

In a statement released after the Republicans elected her chair, Granger said she was “honored” to be the first woman to chair this committee.

“As the committee in charge of federal funding, we have a responsibility to cut spending where we can and ensure we prioritize national security resources,” Granger said. “As a former chairman of the defense subcommittee and as someone who has thousands of military personnel and hundreds of defense contractors in my area, I know how important it is that we have a strong defense.”

In a statement, she added, “I look forward to working with my colleagues both on and off the Committee to fulfill our commitment to America by advancing Republican values, passing conservative appropriation bills, and holding the administration accountable.”


The Republican Conference nominated Rep. Jody Arrington, R-Lubbock State, to chair the House Budget Committee. His district, 19th, includes Abilene and Lubbock in western Texas.

Arrington wrote in a chairmanship statement that a bipartisan effort would be needed to “restore financial accountability” in the federal government.

“I am honored by the confidence and trust of my colleagues to lead efforts to contain costs, reduce our debt and restore financial accountability to our nation’s capital as chairman of the House Budget Committee,” Arrington said. “With a national debt of over $31 trillion and over 120% of our entire economy, I believe that fighting our unsustainable debt is the greatest challenge of the 21st century.”

foreign affairs

The House Foreign Affairs Committee will now have Austin Republican Rep. Michael McCall as chairman. He represents the vast 10th congressional district in Texas, which stretches from Austin west to College Station and the suburbs of Houston.

McCall spoke to KXAN after his November re-election victory, saying he expects Congress to offer more aid to Ukraine and consider the Biden administration’s decision to end the US military presence in Afghanistan.

He echoed some of the same sentiments in a statement about becoming the committee’s next chairman.

“I am grateful to my fellow Republicans for choosing me to continue to lead the House Foreign Affairs Committee as chairman. This Congress, countering the Chinese Communist Party, will remain our top national security priority, and we will finally get answers from this administration on why the Afghan withdrawal has been such a disaster,” McCall wrote. “This committee will be focused on providing strong oversight and meaningful legislation to protect our nation from the many challenges that the US and our allies face on the global stage.”

Small business

Republicans have chosen Rep. Roger Williams, R-Weatherford, to take over the chairmanship of the House Small Business Committee. His congressional district, the 25th, is located in northern Texas and includes Tarrant County.

In a statement on the chairmanship decision, Williams said, “Under my leadership, the Committee will be a staunch supporter of free market principles and pro-growth policies that have been suppressed during the past two years of one-party Democratic rule. In addition, this committee will exercise strict oversight of the Biden administration and costly regulations hurting hard-working men and women across this great country.”

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