Rogers says he can play MVP in the right situation

GREEN BAY, Wisconsin. – Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers thinks he can still make it to the MVP level in the right situation if he chooses to play next season.

Rogers discussed the uncertainty of his future plans on Tuesday during his weekly appearance on The Pat McAfee Show on SiriusXM and YouTube. The four-time MVP has yet to decide whether to return to the Packers, retire or request a trade.

“I still think I can play?” Rogers said. “Sure. Sure. Can I play at a high level? Yeah. The highest. I think I can win MVP again in the right situation. The right situation is Green Bay or is it somewhere else? I’m not sure.”

Rodgers posted his lowest passer rating as a starter and had 12 interceptions. his highest single-season finish since 2008 during his first season as a starter – as The Packers went 8-9 and missed the playoffs this season. He played most of the season with a broken right thumb as well as injured ribs.

Rodgers, 39, spoke to Packers officials last week after the Green Bay season ended in a flop. Lost at home to Detroit Lions 20–16. A win in this game would give the Packers their fourth straight playoff appearance.

“We’ve had as much football talk as we wanted at this point,” Rodgers said. “They don’t push for any specific answer, and I’m neither mentally nor physically ready to give one.”

He acknowledged that the decision to return was not his alone, and that the Packers may decide they want to move on. The Packers used their 2020 first-round pick for Utah quarterback Jordan Love, who backed Rodgers for the past three seasons.

Rogers said that if he returned to Green Bay, he would not want to participate in the restoration. Rodgers named several veteran players he hoped would stay with the Packers if he returned for a 19th season.

“A guy like Marcedus Lewis is an important cog in the dressing room and the driving force behind the team,” Rodgers said. “This is the guy I want to end my career with. If I’m playing, I want this guy to be by my side. I want the Randall Cobbs of the world, if he wants to play, to be in my dressing room. Guys you can win with. Allen Lazard, Bobby Tonyan, Dave Bakhtiari.

All of these players, except for Bakhtiari, are waiting for the agents to be released. Bakhtiari’s projected income in 2023 is around $29 million. according to Spotrac, though general manager Brian Gutekunst said on Friday that he hopes the veteran left tackle will return to Green Bay next season.

“If they want to get younger and they think Jordan is ready for it, then maybe that’s what they want,” Rogers said. “And if that’s the case and I still want to play, then there’s only one option, right, and that’s to play somewhere else. If it’s not, and they’re like, “No, no, we still want you to play,” and so on, then it must be the right situation with a roster that looks like we can win everything because no it makes sense to come back if you don’t think you can win everything.”

On Friday, Gutekunst said he believes Rodgers can still perform at a high level. Gutekunst also said that “I really like the way he guided us.”

“We made a very big commitment to Rodgers last offseason, so I think we didn’t just do it this year,” Gutekunst said. “Like I said, he’s taking his time and the communication will be pretty consistent as we move forward.”

After one of his worst statistical seasons, Rodgers compared his situation to what he faced after 2019. Rodgers was not as productive as usual that year during coach Matt Lafleur’s rookie season, but the defense led the Packers to a 13–3 record. record and appearance of the NFC championship.

“Many people said that I washed up, I can’t play anymore, I became different,” said Rodgers. “And then I won two MVPs in a row without doing anything special. I’m sure there will be a lot of the same sentiment this year.”


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