San Antonio Zoo welcomes new white-cheeked gibbon

SAN ANTONIO – Meet one of San Antonio Zoo The newest representatives of the year are the white-cheeked gibbon.

The new arrival can be found in the Asiatic Forest area of ​​the zoo, which is located at 3903 N St Mary’s St.

Zoo officials said barnacle gibbons are endangered due to habitat loss.

“This little addition goes a long way in maintaining this incredible look. I encourage everyone to come and visit the new parents and baby,” said San Antonio Zoo President and CEO Tim Morrow.

San Antonio Zoo welcomes new white-cheeked gibbon (San Antonio Zoo)

Gibbons spend most of their lives in trees and can reach speeds of up to 35 miles per hour, jumping up to 50 feet, according to zoo officials.

The newborn will be raised by his mother and father. Like humans, gibbons form long-term monogamous relationships and often stay together for life.

To learn more about the South African Zoo or how to plan your next visit, follow this link.

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