Scherz police warn residents about kidnapping scam

Around noon on Wednesday, Jan. 4, Scherz police received a call from the local Security Services Federal Credit Union, saying a customer had come to the bank and handed a note to the teller saying her daughter had been kidnapped by cartel members, according to a press release. . When the police were investigating the situation at the bank, a second person contacted the police, claiming that the same virtual kidnapping was happening to her.

“Unfortunately, in today’s world there are people who prey on the innocent,” the police said in a statement. “Please be aware of this type of extortion and be careful that your emotions do not cause you to do something that could cause undue financial suffering without an objective view of the situation.”

A scammer informs an unsuspecting man that a member of his family has been kidnapped by the cartel. They then ask the person to keep them in touch while they try to get the money. According to the press release, by leaving the victim on the line, they cannot check on their family member or call the police without the knowledge of the scammer. To make the call even more believable, the scammers make the woman in the background scream while they are on the phone, according to a press release.

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