Senators Visit Arizona-Texas Border Seeking Solutions

PHOENIX (AP) — Politicians, tribal leaders and the head of a local humanitarian group in Arizona’s Yuma County have called on a politically diverse delegation of senators from across the US to push through immigration reform amid an increase in incoming migrants that could overwhelm local resources.

Arizona Senator Kristen Sinema, an independent, and Texas Republican Senator John Cornyn led an eight-member delegation to Yuma, a day after they made a similar visit to El Paso, Texas.

The bi-state tour comes amid calls for Washington to find new ways to deal with the growing number of people from around the world arriving at the US southern border. It follows President Joe Biden’s Sunday visit to El Paso on his way to a summit of North American leaders in Mexico City.

Efforts to bring about major immigration reform in Congress have repeatedly stalled in recent years.

In recent days, Biden has announced major changes to immigration policy that will open up new routes to the US for some migrants. But it will also require migrants, in many cases, to remain in their countries while their cases are being processed.

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