Shaquille O’Neal isn’t cheating this time, he justifies his bet on the TCU frog

Shaquille O’Neal fulfilled his bet. He ate frog legs.

O’Neal, the legendary NBA star and sportscaster, ate a bowl of fried frog legs Thursday on TNT’s Inside the NBA.

O’Neal lost a bet with fellow TNT member Ernie Johnson. O’Neal predicted that the TCU Horned Frogs would defeat Johnson’s alma mater Georgia in the college football playoff championship game. TCU lost 65-7.

“I’m a man of my word,” O’Neill told the audience.

Well, yes. Something like. On the same show on Tuesday, O’Neal attempted to cheat. He claimed that the plate of fried meat was frog legs, but his colleague Adam Lefko called out to him, confirming that the dish was chicken.

On Thursday, Johnson, wearing a Georgia football helmet, delivered a dish in front of O’Neal, who was wearing a purple suit, likely in support of TCU.

O’Neill ripped apart the plate and ate the legs.

To test, he pointed to the studio camera the crumbs of fried crust in his teeth and muttered: “I just want you all to know those frog legs.” [are] good. These are the best frog legs I’ve ever had.”

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