Sports, speak up! These Fans Are Not Against Lobos After Nevada Defeat


IN SPITE OF The Mountain West Conference scheduled a 6 day rest for Nevada and UNM went to Reno for a 3 day rest, Lobos had a back pocket win by 5 points and possession with just over a minute left in the first overtime. They should have won the game. Instead, Alfie and Noodles are going 7-0 against the UNM since they came to power in Nevada. We can’t let these two go to 8-0. The youth turned up the volume and the noise level should be outrageous for the upcoming rematch at the Pit on February 7th.

— Oldtimer New Mexico

MAJORITY The obvious reason the Lobos lost to Nevada in the double OT was not because of referee mismanagement at the end of the second OT. The greatest damage was caused by three losses in a row in the first OT. They probably won before that happened.

– Uptight Dave, Albuquerque

NOT SURE how much more can we ask of this excellent Lobo basketball team. Just outstanding players, amazing offense, tough and tough defense. I suppose if there’s anything on the wish list it could be an inch or two increase in Udeze and Allik’s height. The double overtime loss to Nevada showed just how strong this Lobo team is. This team will be interesting to watch the rest of the way. Congratulations to the players and coaches on the big loss (I know, weird, huh?)

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— Ken in Tijeras

I WAS fan of the Cowboys before the Super Bowl was held, and will be until they bury me 6 feet underground. I keep hoping for a sixth Super Bowl before I leave. But… “Cowboys” is not going anywhere with the Dakota “Mr. Interception” Prescott, Ezekiel “Burntout” Elliot and Brett “Where’s the Goalpost” Maher. Just in case, Jerry “I know what I’m doing” Jones needs to be put out to pasture. Respect to the Dallas defense, they did a good job, if only we had the right offense.

— Lobodog

FOR THOSE Lobo basketball games start late, ABQ always has to print the score the day after the next day. We fans want to see and know about the details of the games.


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