Stallard: Just call it the tree of life.

Earlier this week, I decided that I didn’t want to tear down our Christmas tree.

Full disclosure here.

I never want to tear down a Christmas tree and usually don’t take part in this job. This tedious task is best left to someone with a soft touch and enough patience, and I have had no luck with either.

I should have said that I want the tree to stay where it is, but I know that probably won’t happen.

My beloved wife will end up missing the chair that had to be stored away to make room for the Christmas tree. She will have a day with a couple of hours of free time, and Christmas 2022 will be officially postponed for another 11 months.

My goal is to delay the inevitable as long as possible.

I don’t know why I’m so attached to this year’s Christmas tree. It’s an artificial tree, so we didn’t go into the woods, pick out the perfect specimen, cut it, bring it home, and lovingly water and trim it for the last month or so.

Give or take one or two, the decorations are the same ones we’ve been using for as long as I can remember, so it’s really no different from the last 24 trees we put up during our marriage.

This Christmas we put up the tree earlier than usual, so maybe I’m just used to it being there. I think it’s also possible that I’ve gotten a little sentimental with age.

This year has been a tough one personally due to a small heart problem in August and a bout with COVID just after Christmas. My wife also had health problems in October, and the Man-Child, leaving for his first real job, decided to come home for a reboot, only to end up in the emergency room on Christmas Eve with an allergic reaction.

I’m not a fan of change or drama, and tearing down the Christmas tree will likely involve both. Besides, I’m not the only one who has a Christmas tree in my living room.

A week ago, I posted a photo of our Christmas tree on Facebook with the question “Am I not the only one like this …?” Several friends said that their tree was long gone, but some said they would not be in a hurry to tear down their tree.

My wife’s aunt Sue and my longtime friend Darlene McCray gave me the best arguments I need to try and convince my wife that the tree needs a permanent home in our living room.

Aunt Sue said that the nursing home that took care of Grandma Rachel keeps a tree all year round and decorates it for every holiday.

I helped Mrs. McCrae’s daughters, Amber and Nicole, play volleyball when they were in high school. Now they are both outstanding young ladies and successful college coaches. Amber is the head volleyball coach at Louisiana Tech, and according to McCray’s mom, her tree is still up and decorated for Mardi Gras.

I figure I have at least one more week to try and convince Rachel that we need more holidays in our lives and for those holidays it would be great to have an everlasting tree in our house.

Most months have at least one real holiday, but if not, I can get creative.

The day we met deserves a tree. Like the day I told her I loved her, the day she decided I wasn’t the biggest pagan on the planet and she could probably tolerate me for the rest of her life, and the day we found out we were going to become parents.

How about those rare days when I remember to take out the garbage and recycle to the side of the road without being reminded, days when there is no football on TV (for her) or the opportunity to dress up (for me), and days when pay comes. in your checking account right after you just paid for three new tires?

The possibilities are endless and I will keep you updated as it goes.

Meanwhile, does anyone know when pitchers and catchers report to Major League Baseball and what day the NFL Draft is held this year?

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