States target transgender health care in first 2023 bills

After the midterm elections and a record flood of anti-transgender laws last year, Republican state lawmakers have focused on issues of bodily autonomy this year with new proposals to limit access to gender-affirming health care and access to abortion.

In 11 states—Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and Virginia—more than two dozen bills have been introduced to limit transgender people’s access to health care. 2023.

Bills targeting other aspects of transgender lifestyles have been filed in many states and are pending in several other GOP-majority countries.

Gender-supporting healthcare professionals and parents of trans young people are the main targets of these bills, many of which aim to criminalize helping a trans child get what doctors and psychologists consider “essential health care.”

Erin Reed, a researcher who tracks transgender legislation, said public institutions in which Republicans have increased their lead over the medium term are likely to double down on anti-transgender legislation this year and reintroduce some of the more drastic measures that have not been enacted on previous sessions.

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