Strip District project with almost 300 apartments and dozens of townhouses received approval


Development plans for the Strip District, with nearly 300 apartments and dozens of townhouses, are moving forward.

On Tuesday, the Pittsburgh Planning Commission approved plans to build The Brickworks residential complex. It includes eight buildings on a 3.45-acre site at 2121 Smallman St.

It is planned to build two six-story apartment buildings with 114 apartments each, as well as 60 townhouses.

The building site is currently used as a parking lot for 400 cars.

According to the presentation to the Planning Commission, the residential complex will include 186 parking spaces and 166 parking spaces for bicycles.

According to one of the architects and planners working on the project, the plans also include a swimming pool and an outdoor garden in each building. Storm water will be retained at the site to be used as irrigation for landscaping.

The developer plans to sell and rent all units at market prices, which are expected to range from $900,000 to $1.5 million per townhouse.

Commissioner Sabina Deitrick wondered if the construction, which would not have affordable apartments, would be funded with public dollars. The developers told her that the project is currently not funded by public funds, but cannot say if this will change in the future.

Deitrick also expressed concerns about the proposed length of the buildings, but there were no visualizations to support her concerns.

She was the only vote against on Tuesday.

In November, the commission approved plans for two other apartment buildings in the Strip.

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