Strong winds, dry weather, and low humidity put Central Texas in danger of wildfires.

WACO, TX (KWTX) — The Texas A&M Forest Service says that due to the drought, wind and low humidity we’re seeing, Central Texas is at risk of wildfires this week and next.

“When our humidity drops from 60.70% to 20%, that’s when you really see an increase in fire activity,” Keely Moran, information technology officer at Texas A&M Forest Services, told KWTX. “Fires are getting a little more resistant to control.”

A yellow or “high” fire danger rating is approaching Waco, according to Texas A&M Forest Service forecasts.

The Texas A&M Forest Service forecasts a high fire danger rating is approaching Waco.(KWTH)

In addition to low humidity and high winds, the cold weather that rocked Central Texas a couple of weeks ago could also be the reason for wildfire warnings. It killed most of the green vegetation in the area, leaving the grass dead and dry.

“All of our grass has become very dry,” Moran said. “So it’s more likely that if we see fire, it will be in these really beautiful herbs or really beautiful fuel-like herbs.”

While the likelihood of major catastrophic fires in the area is low, Moran says small grass fires are just as dangerous.

“There is still a risk of small fires in grass and small shrub materials,” Moran continued. “They can still be just as destructive as big catastrophic fires.”

The Waco Fire Department is urging people to remain vigilant during these warnings, limiting behavior that could start a fire.

“Welding, anything that creates sparks,” Robbie Bergerson, Waco’s executive deputy fire chief, told KWTX. “We have seen a chain trailing behind a car sometimes start a fire along the road and sometimes several miles further down the road. Anything that can cause heat, sparks, embers outside.

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