Students and faculty to be tested at CCSD school after active TB case


After an individual at a Valley Elementary School tests positive for TB, school officials are working with Nevada’s Southern Health District to test affected students and faculty and determine if there are additional health concerns.

Helen Jydstrup Primary School students who come into close personal contact with a person who has been diagnosed with active pulmonary tuberculosis and are at risk of infection will be sent notifications to be tested, according to a letter sent to the school community on Tuesday by Principal Christina Miani. .

Tuberculosis is an infectious disease that affects the lungs and is spread by close, repeated contact by breathing the same air.

Nevada had 61 reported cases of TB in 2021, slightly more than in 2019 and 2020, according to data provided by the National Tuberculosis Surveillance System.

In her letter, Miani said exposed students and faculty should be tested in accordance with state law. The health district will begin testing affected students and faculty on Thursday, with follow-up testing in the week of March 20.

The tests will be free for students and faculty, Miani said, and parents will be given the option to take their students to Quest’s labs for testing.

The principal has instructed parents or guardians to contact the Southern Nevada Health District at 702-759-1015 if they have problems.

The health district said in a statement that it is investigating tuberculosis and is working closely to identify individuals who will need testing.

“TB remains a public health problem here and across the country, and the Health District is conducting proactive investigations to identify and treat people with latent or active TB whenever they are identified in Clark County,” the Health District said in a statement.

Contact Lorraine Longhi at 702-387-5298 or [email protected] Follow her to @lolonghi on Twitter.

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