Suspect caught after chasing feet in Katy, HCSO officials say

KATHY, TX (KIAH) — The manhunt ended Wednesday morning and the men accused of making some sort of threat to a business in Katy are in jail.

When Harris County sheriff’s deputies went to arrest two suspects at the Rock ‘N Roll It Smoke and Vape Shop at 806 Katy Fort Bend Road around 6:30 p.m. Tuesday night, one of them was able to get away from them.

The suspect jumped into a drainage ditch and tried to escape, but the police managed to track him down and apprehend him.

A probation officer rookie also jumped into the ditch after him and injured his ankle, deputies said. The officer will be fine.

K9 units were used to track the suspect inside the culvert and he was eventually taken into custody.

The suspect was on bail on murder charges, deputies said.

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