Suspect in house burning during SWAT standoff now jailed after being released from hospital

4th Precinct authorities said he was placed in the Harris County Jail for a felony arrest warrant.

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas. According to prison records, a man accused of setting fire to his own house during a confrontation with special forces is now behind bars after being hospitalized.

The Harris County 4 constable’s office said that when Pablo Patino is released from the hospital, he will be placed in the Harris County Jail for a felony arrest warrant he received after he was accused of setting fire to his wife’s family home in just a few days. . before the confrontation of the special forces.

Patino could face additional charges of terrorist threats against police officers and arson by special forces, which occurred on Thursday. The prosecution is awaiting the outcome of an investigation by the Harris County Fire Chief, District 4 said.

Neighbors were shocked by what happened on Lotus Blossom Street on Thursday.

“I see him sitting in the window, just got lost,” said Kimberly Worthington.

She said that now as she passes by Patino’s house, she is sad for what she has lost.

“Tears welled up,” Worthington said. “I felt bad. I just felt bad that the house was destroyed, the family was destroyed. I just pray God have mercy on his soul.”

SWAT scene ended in fire

According to authorities, Patino’s wife thought her ex-husband had left town on Thursday and wanted to pick up clothes from the Lotus Blooms home.

As Patino was still not in custody, she asked the constable’s assistants to escort her home in case he was there.

“We knew who he was. We knew how brutal he was,” said Vicente Medina, Chief Constable for the 4th District of Harris County.

When they got there, the constable’s assistants entered the house to make sure it was clean. Then they said they noticed Patino in the hallway. Authorities said he ran to the back bedroom, where he told them he had a gun.

The deputies of the constable immediately left the house unharmed and called for reinforcements, officials said.

The confrontation between Patino and the authorities went on for several hours before smoke was seen coming from the roof of Patino’s house. Authorities said Patino started the fire when a robot sent by SWAT spotted him in the attic.

“The robot got up to try to open the door that was in the attic. The operators saw him on video and there was already a fire behind him,” said Thomas Gilliland of the HCSO.

Soon the smoke turned into a huge flame. The fire quickly spread from the roof of the house to the first floor.

While firefighters tried to contain the fire, SWAT managed to convince Patino to leave the house. He was seen climbing out of a second-story window, and as he descended to the ground, he was quickly arrested.

Previous incidents

On Tuesday, authorities said Patino, 27, deliberately set fire to his ex-wife’s parents’ house. According to authorities, his wife, her daughter and four other family members were inside at the time. Officials said Patino also tried to hit his wife with a car as she ran from the burning house.

It happened around 3:30 AM on Mortimer Drive, close to Antoine Drive and the Sam Houston Toll Road.

Family members said Patino shaved off his facial hair to disguise himself before he started six house fires.

Logan Saldana, the brother of Patino’s ex-wife, said he tried to put out the flames with a fire extinguisher but was unsuccessful. He said the family escaped through the back door.

The gofundme.com account was created to help the family recover from the fire.

“My parents’ house is badly damaged. I feel responsible for inviting this person into my life,” the wife wrote.

Patino fled after setting the fire, officials said. According to court records, he is charged with arson, violation of a protection order, and aggravated assault in connection with the incident.

“Pablo Patino will be placed in the Harris County jail on an arrest warrant after he is released from the hospital and charged with terrorist threats to police officers,” Constable Mark Herman said. “Additional Arson Allegations Pending Investigation by Harris County Fire Chief.”

In another previous incident, precinct 4 officials said Patino was arrested the day after Christmas for assault. On the same day he was released on bail.

Resources for Victims of Domestic or Family Violence

Cases of domestic and family violence in the Houston area have increased at an alarming rate. Victims often suffer in silence because they feel scared, helpless, or ashamed.

If you or someone you know has been the victim of domestic violence, here are some subtle ways to seek help.

The Houston Area Women’s Center has a 24-hour domestic violence hotline at: 713-528-2121 or 1-800-256-0551.

The Family Time Crisis Center is also available around the clock at: 281-446-2615.

National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-SAFE (7233).

Crisis text line: Send a START message to 88788.

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