TABC investigates bar reportedly serving 14 Clayton Perry drinks

The regulars sit at the bar in Evil Olive on the north side.

Chuck Blount / The Staff

The bar, which reportedly served 14 drinks to District 10 Councilman Clayton Perry the night he was allegedly involved in the hit-and-run, is under state surveillance. A spokesman for the Texas Liquor Commission confirmed that the Northside Evil Olive bar is under investigation by a state agency, Express-News reports.

Chris Porter, a spokesman for TABC, told MySA that the bar is under investigation for service charges outlined in the Bexar County affidavit, which says Perry was served 14 drinks over the course of four hours. Porter was unable to provide more details about the investigation, which began sometime in late December last year.

Perry was charged with driving under the influence on December 28, 2022, two months after body camera footage was released showing Perry lying in his backyard following his alleged involvement in the November 6 hit by a Honda Civic and his jeep. Wrangler at traffic lights. He posted a $1,000 bail and was released the same day.

Perry had also previously been arrested and charged with not stopping and providing information. He then took a sabbatical in November due to his city council duties. Former District 10 City Council member Mike Gallagher fills in for Perry during his absence.

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