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Taste of Cocoa: Local businesses offer cocoa in downtown Denton.

Locals hopped from business to business in downtown Denton to taste cocoa during the Denton Main Street Association’s Cocoa Crawl on Saturday morning.

People gathered outside Barnhart’s barbershop, where owner Gary Barnhart was serving cocoa that took him about an hour to prepare.

Barnhart didn’t mind people enjoying it — he just made sure the community and the businesses around him interacted and interacted with each other, he said.

“Really, for me, it’s just being part of the community,” Barnhart said.

Brooke Spencer, The Palm Tree Boutique Manager, also attended the event. Spencer said the cocoa took about an hour to make and said the business loves to get involved in community events with the Denton Main Street Association.

“We love to get involved in every possible way,” Spencer said. “Especially with MSA downtown[Denton Main Street Association]. “We do Wassail Weekend and all that stuff. We would like to be able to participate, so I always subscribe.”[DentonMainStreetAssociation}“WedoWassailWeekendfestallthatstuffWe’dlovetobeabletoparticipatesoIalwayssignup”[DentonMainStreetAssociation}“WedoWassailWeekendfestallthatstuffWe’dlovetobeabletoparticipatesoIalwayssignup”

Another women’s clothing boutique La Di Da also took part in the event. Owner Brittany Foster worked on-site with customers, while her husband Leddy served outside.

“I think downtown family events are especially important because you create memories for the kids,” Foster said. “And it’s great that they can grow and think every year, my family and I went to cocoa crawling, saw our friends, went to this and all the other businesses downtown.”

The event also accepted food donations for LovePacs Denton and our daily bread. Brittany Foster worked with clients inside the company, while her husband Leddy handed out cocoa outside.

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