Tesla and Apple are spending $700 million and $240 million to expand Austin, according to the filing.

When you live in a technopolis—and Austinians, I’m afraid they are—nonsense like “economic downturn” and “financial impracticability” are secondary concerns.

Despite the impending recession (a phrase that every business writer should just hit the ground running and create a label for right now), two tech companies with a huge presence in Austin are investing heavily in expansion in 2023. Just a week before the new year, Apple submitted applications for projects. for a total of $240 million to expand the north Austin campus, and Tesla has applied for projects totaling over $700 million for improvements at Giga Texas.

Since the Meta abandoned its grand plan to take over a 66-story downtown skyscraper two months ago, it goes without saying that maybe Austin isn’t really Silicon Hills and that we simply don’t have state income tax, especially considering that IBM got rid of half of its income. Office space in Austin and Amazon are facing major layoffs.

But then on Friday, January 6th, Apple went crazy.

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