Tesla to announce $3.5 billion Tesla Semi plant in Northern Nevada: Gov.


Nevada Governor Joe Lombardo discussed something very interesting during his first speech to the state. While he discussed topics such as potential gas and payroll tax cuts and increased spending on public schools, he also referred to Tesla’s stated plans to build a $3.5 billion plant in Northern Nevada to be used by to produce the company’s 8th class all-electric truck. , Tesla Semi.

In his speech, Lombardo stressed that the centerpiece of his economic and business strategy is to reposition Nevada as a state that supports business and development. The Governor noted that one of the most promising areas for growth in Nevada is to create incentives for the development and expansion of new businesses and industries. Among those investments is a $3.5 billion Tesla facility.

Lombardo noted that on Tuesday he will join Elon Musk and the Tesla team in unveiling plans to build a $3.5 billion Tesla Semi plant in Northern Nevada, according to The Nevada Independent. However, the official did not indicate whether Nevada would offer Tesla any tax breaks or similar incentives for the future facility.

“Our best opportunity for economic growth is creating a business-friendly environment for the 350,000 businesses that currently call Nevada home and offering development incentives to expand new business. Whether it’s closing the lithium cycle, unlocking innovation and investment in logistics, entertainment, science and technology, or developing entrepreneurship, the message is that Nevada is ready to partner.

“A case in point… I look forward to joining Elon Musk and the Tesla team tomorrow as they unveil plans to build a new $3.5 billion cutting-edge manufacturing facility in northern Nevada for the company’s all-electric semi-trucks. Economic development matters. I am proud to announce that Nevada is open for business again and that is effective immediately,” Lombardo said.

Tesla already operates a Tesla Semi facility in Nevada. However, the facility, located near the Gigafactory Nevada, produces only small volumes of vehicles. Given that Elon Musk has noted in the past that Tesla plans to produce 50,000 Tesla Semi units in 2024, there is definitely a need for a venture that can mass-produce all-electric Class 8 trucks.

Nevada and Tesla have developed a close working relationship over the years. In 2014, then-Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval offered Tesla a $1.25 billion tax credit package over 20 years to build a plant in the Northern Nevada area. Economic experts attribute the region’s successful handling of the pandemic to this economic diversification, which includes the presence of the Gigafactory Nevada, a facility that produces 2,170 parts for Tesla vehicles such as the Model 3 sedan and others.

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Tesla unveils plans to build $3.5 billion Tesla Semi plant in Northern Nevada: Gov.

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