Texan found coatimundi on his porch

SAN ANTONIO, Texas (Central Valley). A Texas man walked out onto his front porch and saw a rare sight: the coati, also known as the coatimundi.

According to the San Antonio Animal Services, a man walked out onto his front porch and saw a coati clinging to a pole, staring at him. He called animal services, who determined it was probably a coati, a species not native to San Antonio.

Animals are also prohibited from owning in the city, according to the San Antonio ACS.

Coatis are regularly seen in Central and South America and rarely seen in South Texas.

The San Antonio ACS has stated that coatis are diurnal like raccoons and should not be kept as pits. The agency also said that these animals are often found in the illegal exotic pet trade.

The animal retreated to the back yard when the officers approached it, and after “good training” the officers were able to capture the small animal.

The officers spoke to the owner of the coati, noting that it could result in confiscation and a fine of up to $2,000 for owning one of these wild animals.

The report says that the female coati was transferred to the care of an organization for the rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife.

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