Texan man accused of holding Bumble’s date hostage for five days is out of jail

A Houston man has reportedly been released from jail after he was arrested for allegedly holding a woman he met on a dating app hostage for five days. According to Fox 26, Zachary Kent Mills has been released from jail on $50,000 bail.

The woman told police that Mills, 21, picked her up from her home on Christmas Eve after they met on the Bumble and took her to his apartment in the spring. Mills reportedly immediately attempted to have sex with the woman and became violent after she turned him down.

Court documents say he physically assaulted her with a clenched fist, biting her face and neck, hitting her with a screwdriver, and preventing her from leaving his apartment. Police said she was “repeatedly sexually assaulted resulting in serious bodily injury”.

Mills held the woman captive in his apartment for five days without giving her food or water, police said. She reportedly fled when Mills left his home on December 29 to visit his father’s house and sought help from the first people she saw.

The woman reportedly had severe bruising in both eyes, bite marks and cuts on her throat and nose, and severe bruising over most of her body.

As part of the terms of Mill’s bail, he was ordered to stay away from the woman and her family and not come within 200 feet of where she lives, works, or attends school. He is also under GPS surveillance and under 24/7 house arrest, except for trial dates.

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