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Texan shoots man who robbed restaurant customers

HOUSTON (AP) — A grand jury will determine whether a Houston restaurant patron will be charged after fatally shooting a man who pointed a gun that appeared to be real at customers and took their money last week. .

After the shooting late on January 5, police asked the public for help in identifying the man who shot the robber with a plastic gun because he left the restaurant before police arrived. By Monday, police said they had questioned the 46-year-old and, after consulting with prosecutors, decided the shooting would go to a grand jury. Police said they were not releasing the man’s name because he had not been arrested or charged.

In Texas, anyone 21 years of age or older is allowed to carry a handgun in public without a license, background check, or training. According to the Gifford Law Center for Gun Violence Prevention, more than 30 US states allow people to openly carry a gun without a license or permit.

Witnesses told police that a man later identified as 30-year-old Eric Eugene Washington entered the restaurant wearing a ski mask and gloves and pointed what looked like a gun at the patrons, demanding money. Then, according to the police, one of the visitors took out a gun and shot several times at Washington. After Washington was shot, the client removed the stolen money from Washington’s body and returned it to other clients before leaving the scene.

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