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For half a century, Texas Monthly told stories about Texans and the unique state we live in. In honor of our fiftieth anniversary, the February 2023 issue examines Texas icons of all shapes, sizes, types and more, and tells the stories of the characters, places, and institutions that have shaped the great state of Texas over the past fifty years.

Texas Monthly is also pleased to announce a new advertising campaign for the magazine. With the help of PlotTwist Creativity from Dallas, an advertising campaign was developed, Texas MonthlyX stories in the center. Thus, the slogan of our new brand “Stories for All” was born. Texas Monthly hopes that every Texan—and, for that matter, non-Texan—can be reflected in the pages of the magazine.

Help Texas Monthly Celebrate half a century of storytelling by calling in to tell who or what your favorite Texas icons are and why. You can reach our voice mail at (510) 838-1973.

Want to represent the best in Texas? Buy fiftieth anniversary merch at Texas Monthlyvirtual storefront.

There’s a lot to cover in Texas, so let it Texas Monthly be your guide. Make sure you follow Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. #TM50years

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