Texas ‘Butter King’ beats TikTok with unique popcorn serving style

A Texas theater employee has won the hearts of millions of TikTok users with his unique popcorn serving method. TikTok user Oscar Leal recently visited the Corpus Christi Century 16 theater to watch a play by James Cameron. Avatar: Path of Water. But what he saw before the film is what he remembers the most.

In a short video shared by Leal, who uses @oanderle on TikTok, a theater worker with a badge that reads “Popcorn Guy” twists tubs of popcorn on his thumbs and tosses them into the air, splattering warm oil on the grains. with ease before he throws the peace sign. Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” plays in the background. Video with the caption “It was just amazing!” has garnered over 6 million views, over 924,000 likes and over 21,000 comments since it was first posted on December 26.

“Forget Salt Bae, we have Butter King,” one TikTok user commented. “Wow… it’s Jason Kurne!” wrote another.

@oanderle It was just amazing! #oanderle #popcornguy #movie #cctx #thepopcornguy #popcorn #avatar2 #corpuschristitx #corpuschristi ♬ My Heart Will Go On (Titanic Love Theme) – Celine Dion

The clip also caught the attention of actor Henry Winkler, who shared the video on Twitter wishing the employee a Happy New Year. Cinemark Theaters also posted a TikTok on their Instagram page. In the comments to the post, Leal wrote: “He is our hero. Avatar 2 was good too.”

The impressive multi-title collaborator is actually named Jason Grosball, and has been with Century Theaters for 10 years, according to a KIII report. Grosball told news station Corpus Christi TV that he enjoys making customers happy by entertaining them before they sit down to watch their movie. “I love interacting with new clients and seeing the smiles on their faces and the joy,” Grosball said. “At first, no one really understood it, but over time, people liked it.”

Grosball didn’t know that his video had gone viral until one of his friends told him about it. He went on to read the thousands of comments left for him by people who were praising his style. “I read about 3 or 4 hours of comments last night,” he told KIII. “I was very pleased to read such comments.”

@thepopcornguy210 #popcorn guy #thank you ♬ original sound – The Popcorn Guy

Shortly after his clip went viral, Grosball took to TikTok himself to thank people for their support. “I really appreciate the fact that everyone loves what I do,” he said on TikTok, in which he proudly showed off his name tag. “I really love this job and am grateful for it.”

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