Texas court rules against program giving birth control to teens without parental consent

A federal judge in Texas has ruled against a program that allows teens to access contraceptives without parental permission, casting doubt on its future.

James Barragan, political columnist for The Texas Tribune, says of the federal Title X program, “For a long time… if you were a sexually active teenager, you didn’t need parental permission to go and get access.” But in late December, U.S. District Judge Matthew Kaczmarik ruled against the arrangement “because it violates parental rights. … And it can really change the game here.” Following this decision, Title X Clinics in Texas stopped providing contraceptives to teens confidentially.

Barragan notes that the decision is pending federal appeal. If the decision remains in place, he says, it “could obviously have a lot of ramifications, especially in a state where we have a very, very high teenage pregnancy rate.”

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