Texas has a $30 billion surplus. What should legislators prioritize?

SAN ANTONIO – Texas legislators will have a budget surplus of about $30 billion. On Tuesday, they will travel to Austin to decide how to distribute funds and introduce bills that will become law.

But determining how much to spend on what and what is a priority will be difficult to narrow down.

Texas Democratic Senator Jose Menendez (D-26) said education and mental health should be priorities throughout the state.

“We have had so many tragedies in this country that I believe it can be directly related to the fact that young people should have access to mental health care where they are,” he said.

Republican Representative Steve Ellison (D-126) agrees, saying that all aspects of education and health care need to be considered.

“In terms of school safety, addressing learning challenges due to the pandemic, improving compensation and benefits for our teachers, both employed and retired,” he said.

Gov. Greg Abbott said he wants to use the surplus to cut property taxes.

Lawmakers agree that the formula used to collect property tax needs to be adjusted to ease the burden on taxpayers.

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