Texas high school football players hospitalized after practice

A Texas high school football coach has been placed on administrative leave after it was revealed an off-season training program resulted in some players being hospitalized. A Rockwall Heath High School coach outside of Dallas had players do over 300 push-ups in 60 minutes, according to the WFAA.

On Tuesday, January 10, Rockwall Heath High School Principal Todd Bradford sent a letter to parents about a training session led by head football coach John Harrell on Friday, January 6. Harrell has been placed on administrative leave as a third-party investigation is ongoing. .

In the letter, school officials said they had become aware that some student athletes required medical attention and others required hospitalization. A source told the WFAA that the students were diagnosed with rhabdomyolysis (rhabdo), a disease that occurs when “damaged or injured skeletal muscles” dissolve into the bloodstream, potentially causing heart and kidney damage, according to the Centers for Disease Control, due to strenuous training. and prevention.

The district did not confirm how many students were hospitalized or what the circumstances of the drill were.

The principal’s letter stated that the campus coach would monitor students for acute arm pain, dark urine, or inability to bend, extend, or raise their arms. Other symptoms include lack of urination, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, confusion, lethargy, or loss of consciousness.

“Students’ safety is a top priority at Rockwall ISD and we will continue to take immediate and appropriate action for the benefit of our students as we address this situation,” the principal said in a letter to parents.

According to a Fort Worth Star-Telegram report, Harrell was named Dallas-Fort Worth High School’s head football coach in January 2022. He was an assistant coach at the school for the previous three seasons.

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