Texas legislature: battle brewing over how to spend taxes

With Republicans holding majorities in both the House and Senate, spending priorities will be decided between Dan Patrick and Dade Phelan.

TEXAS, USA. Texas lawmakers return to Austin on Tuesday for the state’s 88th legislative session.

Since Republicans have majorities in both the House of Representatives and the Senate, spending priorities will be decided between the leaders of the two houses. As the Republicans maintain their lead in the state legislature, “there will be a showdown in Austin between the House of Representatives and the Senate,” said Scott Braddock, editor of the Quorum Report.

Leaders of both houses, lieutenant governor Dan Patrick and Speaker of the House Dade Phelan will have firm authority over what big problems will be solved.

“For Lieutenant Governor Patrick, it’s been real estate taxes throughout his career,” Braddock said.

The speaker will most likely seek to prioritize infrastructure.

“He pointed out that you know, look in places like Houston, San Antonio and other big cities like Austin. We’ve had boil water alerts lately,” Braddock said. – This is not what you are used to in big cities. Maybe in smaller towns, so there really is a need.”

But lawmakers will have to get serious about other pressing issues, such as the power grid.

“Have the reforms gone far enough? Do legislators have confidence in the resilience of the network?” said Matt Mackowiak, a Republican consultant.

Abortion is also a big topic. Democrats and moderate Republicans may want to revise the Texas abortion ban.

“Are they considering exemptions for rape and incest? I think that this can be an impetus,” Makovyak said.

Another problem is the legalization of gambling with the advent of sports betting.

“If they do, it will be in a very narrow way. This will be in certain geographic areas, possibly underdeveloped areas and urban centers such as Dallas and Houston.

Gov. Greg Abbott is expected to lay out his priorities during his State of the Union address in February, which will include policies aimed at immigration.

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