Texas relied on defensemen and shots from Shayley Gonzalez in a 72-59 win over No. 23 Kansas State.

For a while Tuesday night, Texas quarterback Shailey Gonzalez couldn’t miss.

A couple of three-point attempts? Nothing but mesh.

Two jumpers? Whistling.

Rollback after the rebound in the attack and the loss, which turned into a simple one? Count them.

Gonzalez set up a shooting for the No. 23 Kansas in the fourth quarter of Texas’ 72–59 win at the Moody Center. This turmoil in the fourth quarter, along with 26 points scored by Gonzalez during the game, gave UT its first win over a ranked opponent this season.

Texas is now 12-5 with wins in three of its four conferences. The Longhorns were only three days away from a disappointing 86–82 loss in Oklahoma State.

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