Texas Senate to Consider Redistricting; Republican Party control of the state is unlikely to weaken

The Texas Senate on Wednesday unanimously approved a resolution to redistrict the state’s senatorial districts in preparation for considering a ten-year redistricting process. The move comes after new maps were drawn during a special session in 2021 that critics say increased Republican control of the state and disenfranchised minority voters.

While Senator Joan Huffman, R-Houston’s approved proposal creates a special redistricting committee, allows for public hearings expected to begin later this month, and allows legislators to push a bill on the issue, the actual changes to the map are expected to be minor as the process is largely procedural and in line with the requirements of the Texas Constitution.

Huffman said the decision to move the resolution was made out of “too much caution to ensure that the Legislature fulfilled its duty to divide the state into senatorial districts.”

The 88th Legislative Assembly convenes, the state treasury is full, and the Republicans are still in power.

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