Texas Standard for January 9, 2023: The most powerful Republican in Texas may not even live here.

Here are the Texas Standard articles for Monday, January 9, 2023:

What happened to President Biden’s trip to the border

The president Joe On Sunday, Biden visited the US-Mexico border for the first time since taking office, meeting with federal, state and local officials, as well as community leaders. To learn more about the president’s borderland trip, we’ll hear from Angela Kocerga, director of news at KTEP El Paso.

Texas is running an unprecedented budget surplus. What can be done with billions of dollars?

When the state lthe legislature begins its new session on Tuesday, it will run an unprecedented budget surplus of at least $27 billion. Legislators and interest groups are already lobbying how to spend them. This is reported by Texas Newsroom correspondent Sergio Martinez-Beltran.

TCU fans are looking forward to a happy end to the storybook season in Monday’s national championship game.

Texas Christian University will play Georgia’s leading player in Los Angeles tonight in the National College Football Championship playoff game. Their historic run this year marks the first time a Texas team has reached playoffs since its inception in 2014. Toluvani from KERA Osibamovo reports that the nationwide focus on the Fort Worth school is thought-provoking for fans, students and alumni.

What is causing the fall in oil and gas prices?

Just a few months ago, the thought of crazy energy prices this winter caused people no less anxiety than especially in Europe. But now that the new year has arrived, things are different. Matt Smith, Lead Americas Oil Analyst at Kplershares more.

The largest insurance company in Texas cannot make a deal with this hospital, and Central Texas residents may be affected

Starting next month, more than 60,000 people in Central Texas will be unable to access their health insurance from one of the region’s largest hospital systems. Without a new contract, Ascension Texas hospitals will no longer be online for people with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas insurance. Nicole Villalpando speaks about health at the Austin American-Statesman and is following the situation.

“Red Raiders” find “black gold”

Texas Institute of Technology raised the mast of the first working oil rig on campus. Sarah Self-Walbrick of Texas Tech Public Media tells us how the setup will help students starting this semester:

Wealth inequality can actually be on the decline

Wealth inequality is one of the hottest topics in politics, culture and economics. Noah Smith, College Stationeconomist blogger, newsletter host noahopinion, recently published an article noting that, in some respects, wealth inequality may now be on the decline. We will hear more today.

The most powerful Republican in Texas might not even live here.

Who is the most powerful Republican in Texas? Texas Monthly Senior Editor Michael Hardy’s response may surprise you: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. A rising star among conservatives across the country, he won a major victory in November, and his policies are controversial among conservatives even in Texas. Hardy joins us with the others.

All of that, plus a roundup of the state of the Texas Newsroom and Wells Dunbar with “Texas Talk”.

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