Texas taqueria robbed days after vigilante fatally shot robbery suspect

Tuckeria in Houston, where a vigilante shot a mugger, has again been the victim of a crime.

The restaurant, which received nationwide attention after news of the Jan. 5 shooting broke, was robbed on Tuesday, the owner said. HOW.

The burglary happened in the morning, the thief stole cash and broke three poker machines.

“There was death, and even that doesn’t stop them (criminals),” the owner, Pedro Lopez, told the TV channel.

He added that because of the incidents, they started taking money home every day.

“I feel bad, I don’t know how to take care of myself or from which side we will be hit,” he said.

On the night of January 5, a suspect named Eric Eugene Washington, 30, went to a restaurant and robbed customers at gunpoint.

As he was collecting their money, the man shot Washington nine times, killing him. He then took the stolen money from Washington and returned it to the buyers.

According to the CPRCKSAT’s sister station in Houston, Washington’s weapon was later revealed to be a fake plastic pistol.

Police said the shooter and clients left the scene before police arrived.

The shooter has since been questioned by police and the case will go to a grand jury. Until he is charged with a crime.

KPRK reported that Washington had been released on bail on charges of assaulting a family member since December. He is expected to return to court this month.

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