Texas TikTok duo Enkyboys’ father dies after battle with cancer, report says

He was 35.

The father of Texas-based TikTok duo Enkyboys has died of cancer, according to a TMZ report.


The father of Texas-based TikTok duo Enkyboys has died of cancer, according to a TMZ report. A source close to the family told TMZ that Randy Gonzalez passed away on Wednesday, Jan. 25, at a hospice. He was 35.

Gonzalez, from Houston, announced on April 12, 2022 to his over 1.4 million Instagram followers that he is battling colon cancer after being diagnosed six months ago. Gonzalez said his doctor said he only had two or three years to live, noting that he could extend it to five if he completed chemotherapy.

Gonzalez has since told his TikTok followers that it was a struggle, but he continues to fight. He also launched GoFundMe to pay for his treatment. Gonzalez is survived by his wife Kimberly and three children, Aubrey, Bryce and Lauren.

Gonzalez and his son Bryce are known for creating hilarious TikTok videos together, amassing 15 million followers. The couple have exploded since they started their TikTok journey together in November 2019, appearing on good morning america and featured in several media such as BuzzFeed and Yahoo Lifestyle.

Bryce and Randy from the Enkyboys.

Bryce and Randy from the Enkyboys.

Randy Gonzalez

Fame increased even more after Bryce got a role in the new show George Lopez. Lopez W. Lopez. He played George’s grandson and Mayan’s son, Lopez’s daughter on the show and in real life. He is filming with George and Mayan, as well as Selenis Leyva and Matt Shively.

He also got a role in the film Eva Longoria. hot fiery project. Bryce will play one of the sons of the film’s protagonist Richard Montañez, a Frito-Lay janitor who says he made Flamin’ Hot Cheetos in his home kitchen.

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