Texas Waffle Restaurant The Avenger Blacklisted After Viral Chair Brawl

A Texas Waffle House employee went viral with her “Avenger” skills when she swung her chair back during a restaurant fight. Video of the fight went viral amazing woman actress Linda Carter even intervened in madness.

Waffle House is not only famous for its breakfasts. It will be trending on social media from time to time due to the shenanigans that go on inside. Last week, the Waffle House in Austin became the topic of conversation after someone filmed a fight that broke out between employees and customers, in which one of the customers threw a chair at an employee.

Many people on TikTok posted a video online calling the woman “Avenger”. Carter, who played Wonder Woman in 1975, tweeted about the incident on December 29, 2022, joking that she practiced for her scene with a chair in amazing woman at the Waffle House.

Twitter user Wallstreet_Ray, who posted footage of the collision and a screenshot from his phone, stated that the incident took place in September 2021.

You can watch the full video here (the video uses obscene language).

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In a YouTube video, the woman who rejected the chair stated that she had been blacklisted by Waffle House and would “never be able to work at Waffle House again”. The woman, who gave only her first name, Haile, said she worked at the Waffle House. intermittently for four years.

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