Texas wants teamwork on the perimeter to control Iowa State’s three-point shots

Before the game against the No. 23 Kansas on Tuesday, the Texas women’s basketball team received a pep talk from their high school football coach.

When Steve Sarkisian spoke to Vic Schaefer’s Longhorns, he pointed out that the hand has five fingers. If that hand is used to hitting, he preached, it will hurt. But it won’t be as effective as a clenched fist.

These five fingers represented the five players on the basketball court. Individually, each player can deal some damage. But if they all work together, they can really strike.

“I think it’s so good,” said Texas sophomore Rory Harmon a few days later. “I think the theme this week was just working together.”

Harmon ended up borrowing Sarkeesian’s words for the Instagram caption, so consider that the final stamp of approval. And with a football coach sitting on the court, Texas beat Kansas by 13 points.

Five days after this knockout, Texas (12-5, 3-1) will return to the ring for a Sunday afternoon bout with No. 15 Iowa (11-3, 3-1).

Last year Lexi Donarsky of Iowa hit a 3-pointer over Shay Hall of Texas.  The Cyclones hit nine 3-pointers per game. "Their shots are such that, man, they can really shoot everything," This was stated by UT coach Vik Schaefer.

In 14 games, Iowa State made 128 of 405 three-pointers. The Cyclones are averaging 9.1 three-pointers per game, ranking ninth in the nation. Only four of the 350 Division I teams average more. Every predicted player has made at least 10 points this season. Iowa State’s all-time leading scorer, Ashley Jones, has 2.79 triples per game, the second best in the Big 12.

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