The amount of funds raised by Houston mayoral candidates shows a competitive race

The race has proven to be competitive, which means money will be the key to getting their message across.

HOUSTON. Houston voters are months away from the election to choose the next mayor, but candidates are already positioning themselves and raising historic amounts of money for their campaigns.

The race has proven to be competitive, which means money will be the key to getting their message across.

“Money matters a lot,” said University of Houston political science professor Brandon Rottinghouse.

In one of the country’s largest growth cities, candidates will need to start creating messages early in order to attract voters.

“The city is big, there are many voters, and many new voters. It’s a tough nut to crack for campaigns because you have to be able to spend money to get to those voters,” Rottinghouse said.

In 2022, four mayoral candidates raised over $1 million each.

Former acting Harris County Clerk Chris Hollins, a Democrat, raised $1.6 million.

His campaign stated that they broke the record for the number of donors, total donations, and small dollar donations.

Democratic state senator John Whitmire and Amanda Edwards, a former councilor-at-large and candidate for the US Senate, each raised $1.3 million.

“Candidates with a unique voice will receive much more attention, and voters and donors would like to see momentum,” Rottinghouse said.

Houston lawyer Lee Kaplan also raised $1.3 million.

Political insiders say the early fundraiser indicates interest and competition among candidates.

“Candidates that are really good at networking, who have a base of support, are candidates who are going to raise a lot more money,” Rottinghouse said.

Texas Senator Whitmire said that along with the $1.3 million he has raised so far, he has $10 million in cash from his other race.

A city ordinance says he can use some of the dollars for his campaign for mayor, but political experts say that in the absence of a lawsuit, it remains unclear how much money can be transferred.

One of the main sources of spending will be television advertising, which is usually the most expensive.

Election day is November 7th.

Candidate Chris Hollins made the following statement:

“When I ran for mayor, I wanted to run a popular campaign that ordinary Houstonians could see themselves as and be proud of. The historic amount of individual contributions and local endorsements pouring into our campaign proves that we are achieving this goal,” Hollins said. “I am humbled by the massive support our campaign has received in such a short time and look forward to continuing to expand our diverse coalition.”

State Senator John Whitmire also issued a statement:

“I am very grateful for the support given to my campaign for mayor by many Houstonians. Raising over $1.1 million in 30 days shows we will have the resources to run a vigorous campaign that reaches all Houstonians.”

KHOU 11 also contacted candidates Lee Kaplan and Amanda Edwards. We didn’t get a response.

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