The Black Jack Brigade from Fort Hood prepares to depart for Europe

FORT HOOD, TX (KWTX) – Fort Hood is currently in the process of sending soldiers overseas to Europe to help NATO allies.

The 2nd Armored Brigade “Black Jack” battle group, 1st Cavalry Division, had been training for several months.

On Friday, they gathered their colors in preparation for a new mission.

“The application of these colors here is a symbol that we are leaving a great place here at Fort Hood and moving forward with the whole organization to conduct operations in Europe,” said Colonel Chris J. Kirkpatrick, commander of the Black Jack Brigade.

The Black Jack Brigade, consisting of approximately 4,000 soldiers, will be deployed overseas.

They are planned to be deployed in groups during January, and some soldiers are already in Europe.

Those who stay will ensure that everything is as usual at the post office.

“We have put a lot of time and effort into keeping the right leaders here, the right people, and they are properly resourced to ensure our families are taken care of,” Kirkpatrick said.

The chaplain being prepared for departure says it’s important to be close to our European allies and honor treaties between countries.

“Treaties are important because they are promises we make to each other to uphold and defend freedom both here and abroad in the world. This is important because freedom matters and that’s what makes us Americans,” said Bob Stanley, chaplain of the 3-16 Field Artillery Regiment.

While abroad, he will be responsible for ensuring that his brigade remains calm, cool and collected while carrying out their mission.

“I think it’s priceless that he can provide spiritual, emotional and mental well-being for soldiers while they’re out there,” said Mandy Stanley, Bob’s wife.

For some, this is their first deployment.

“This is a new place, a new environment. When you have this, there are a lot of stressors, I try to recognize this so that I can better deal with it and do my job better, ”said specialist David Springer.

After landing in Poland, the Black Jack Brigade will travel across Europe, providing assistance where needed.

According to Kirkpatrick, they will be there until at least next fall.

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