THE FULL MONTY audition at the Transcendence Theater in performance January 24 performance


THE FULL MONTY – Promotion Video Presentation Transcendence Theater Company | Sonoma, California



Minimum $768 per week (see FEES)


Available actors for THE FULL MONTY roles (see breakdown).

The theater company Transcendence actively seeks diverse and inclusive casting for every role, regardless of disability, race, ethnicity, age, gender, color, size, or national origin.



Please prepare a short version of a pop, rock, contemporary musical theater song. that is, in the style of the show. We want you to be completely confident in what you are singing and would rather you sing something from your book representing the show. However, here is a link to some songs from the show with accompaniment and sheet music provided: . Please send a photo and resume, as well as an audition video.

Deadline: 02/01/2023


[email protected]




Book: Terrence McNally.

Music and lyrics: David Yazbek

View Plays:

Artistic Director: Amy Miller

Director/Choreographer: Josh Walden Musical Director: Matt Smart


Arrival: July 6

First rehearsal: July 7th.

Opening: 28 July.

Closing performance: 20 August.

DEPARTURE: August 21



Equity contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all of its employers to participate in an equal employment opportunity policy that promotes a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all nationalities, genders, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to apply.

Jerry Lukowski (30–40) Unemployed factory worker struggling to maintain his pride and custody of his cherished only son; former “golden boy”, an ordinary guy. Vocal Range: Rock tenor (A5) with strong controlled falsetto. This role requires nudity.

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Dave Bukatinsky (30–40) An unemployed steel worker and Jerry’s best friend. Sweet, good-natured soul, with body weight and self-esteem issues. Vocal range: Lyric tenor (G4) with strong falsetto. This role requires nudity.

Harold Nichols (35–60) Unemployed factory caretaker. He becomes a Hot Metal choreographer through his ballroom training. He is a loving, proud husband who is determined to keep his wife in upper middle class luxury despite 6 months of unemployment. Vocal range: high baritone/tenor. This role requires nudity.

Malcolm McGregor (25–35) Unemployed factory worker; depressed, suicidal, clumsy… still lives at home with mom; blossoms when he finds unexpected solace and romance with Ethan. Vocal range High tenor (A5), smooth falsetto. This role requires nudity.

Noah Horse T. Simmons (40–60) Retired black factory worker. “Grumpy Old Man” who surprises us with his explosive dance moves; looking for a big, successful personality who has movements within him, vocal range: baritone/tenor (G4). This role requires nudity.

Ethan Girard (25–35) Unemployed factory worker; Lonely; has blind determination and confidence in success; a little eccentric, but very nice. He is surprised and quietly delighted by his connection to Malcolm. Vocal range: high baritone/tenor. This role requires nudity.

Pam Lukowski (30–40) Jerry’s ex-wife and high school friend, now Teddy’s fiancée. She sincerely wants Jerry to be an active parent for Nathan, but struggles with strong doubts about his character and her ongoing feelings for him. Vocal range: Alto, strong belt/mix up to C5.

Georgie Bucatinsky (30–40) Dave’s wife. Loud, outgoing, brash… the “leader” of wives and girlfriends. Her reality is to deal with her husband’s difficulties and try to save the marriage. Vocal range: High alto, strong belt/mix up to C5.

Vicki Nichols (30-50) Harold’s wife. Charming and energetic, loves the best things in life that work gives him. Bright at first glance, her love and understanding are real. Cool, but easily one of the girls. Comedy triple threat. Vocal range: Alto, strong belt/mix up to C5. Handy with vocal improvisation.

Jeanette Burmeister (50+) Pianist of indeterminate age… veteran professional; she was married eight times and saw… and did… all this; cheeky, quick-witted, larger than life. Vocal range: Low alto, belt up to Ab5.

Nathan Lukowski (10–15) Pam and Jerry’s sweet and smart (beyond his years) son; struggles to bridge the gap between his doting mother and his adoring father.

ENSEMBLE all roles are available.

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