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The Houston native will compete for the Miss Universe title this Saturday.

This weekend, the Houston native competes against nearly 90 other women from around the world for the coveted Miss Universe title. R’Bonnie Gabrielle, 28, made history last year when she was crowned Miss USA, becoming the first Asian American and also the first Filipino woman to win the title. During the 71st Saturday Miss Universe Pageant, Gabrielle will be presenting personal statements, in-depth interviews and various categories including the evening gown and swimwear contest.

As if she’s not representing her hometown of Houston in a big way yet, Gabrielle also showed off the Woman in the Moon costume during Wednesday’s national costume contest. Taking to Instagram, Gabriel explained that the glowing jumpsuit, giant silver crown, and shooting stars depicted on the suit symbolize Space City, which houses NASA’s Johnson Space Center, and also allude to the space agency’s Artemis Missions, which are planning to land first. woman and the first colored person on the moon next year.

“As a native of Houston, where the NASA space center is located, I am proud to live in a city working to send the first woman to the moon,” Gabriel wrote. “The purpose of this costume was to inspire women in every corner of the universe to dream big, fly to the moon and achieve something supernatural.”

A 2018 Fashion Design graduate from the University of North Texas, Gabrielle runs her own independent clothing line from Houston. Dubbed R’Bonney Nola, the brand embraces sustainable design practices by using a combination of recycled or natural fabrics throughout its clothing. Gabriel also teaches sewing for Magpies and Peacocks, a Houston-based nonprofit organization that collects and reuses used clothing, textile waste and landfill accessories to create sustainable clothing. As part of the non-profit MAKR program, Gabriel also teaches sewing lessons to survivors of human trafficking and domestic violence.

You can vote for Gabriel to take one of the 16 places in the semi-finals through the website or the Miss Universe app, available for iOS and Android. The first vote is free, but additional votes can be purchased on any platform. This year’s 71st Miss Universe Pageant will be streamed live from New Orleans on Roku at 7:00 pm and can also be viewed for free on the Roku website. The winner will be crowned by the 70th Miss Universe winner, Harnaaz Sandhu, who represented India in the pageant in December 2021.

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