The Latin American duo offer sweet and savory Venezuelan and Puerto Rican dishes at the new Tyler Bakery.

A local Hispanic duo is transporting East Texans to Venezuela and Puerto Rico with their new bakery in Tyler.

Lemon Yellow Bites owners Tahidi Perez and Chris Berlingeri (from right to left) offer Venezuelan and Puerto Rican food to East Texas residents through their new business, Lemon Yellow Bites, which opened in December 2022.

Lemon Yellow Latin Bites opened its doors in early December. The owners are Tahidi Perez and Chris Berlingeri, two Hispanic women who love food but most importantly love to share their culture.

“People say we deliver them home,” Perez said. “When Chris and I were talking about discovering this, what really pushed this dream to come true was the experience of someone eating food.”

According to Berlingeri and Perez, Tyler needed a place like Lemon Yellow Latin Bites to introduce residents to other Latin dishes. They also mentioned the struggle to find Latin bakeries in the East Texas area for bakeries from other Latin countries such as Venezuela and Puerto Rico.

“We are all immigrants and we all lack food. It doesn’t have to be “I miss it” even though we’re here with a better life and we’re here. Nothing can replace our mother, home, our food, the smell when we eat empanada or when my mom makes coffee. But when someone from Colombia, Venezuela, Puerto Rico eats some of our food and says, “We’re at home and I feel at home,” it fills us up and that’s our biggest influence here. Latinos in Tyler,” she said. “What has filled us is to bring a piece of our home and our culture to the homes here in Tyler.”

Perez has been with Tyler for six years and Berlingeri for seven years. Perez arrived straight from Venezuela with her husband, not knowing where they were landing.


Stuffed Ground Beef Empanada, a product sold at Lemon Yellow Bites, with a green sauce made with a garlic base and cilantro.

“I came here not knowing anyone and not even knowing where I was, I didn’t know it was Tyler,” Perez said. “I came with my husband with nothing, practically nothing, just a suitcase, a lot of dreams and a lot of hope. We started our lives here, we didn’t know anyone, we had no family, no friends, nothing.”

The Berlingeri came from Puerto Rico to the US nearly two decades ago, but moved to East Texas six years ago.


Profiteroles, a spread sold at Lemon Yellow Bites in Tyler.

Although both hail from different places, both met in East Texas through their home cooking business, where they sold food from their respective countries. Through food exchanges, they decided to collaborate and open a much-needed business that would allow their food to be presented to a wider audience.

“Tyler needed a place like this. Even though there are many Latin American establishments like tacos and the like, there was one more Latin establishment that was missing,” Perez said.

Since opening in December, visitors’ taste buds have traveled to experience the new taste, Berlingeri said, and the business is getting good reviews from East Texas residents.

Menu items for now include a variety of desserts and savory dishes such as arepas, empanadas (beef, chicken and cheese), pastelitos (chicken, beef, cheese and guava), tequeños, cachitos, profiteroles, tres leches » in Venezuelan style, lemon bread. , quesitos and more.

The bakery also plans to sell full traditional plates in the future, Berlingeri said. The store is open Monday through Saturday from 11:00 am to 07:00 pm and Sunday from 09:00 am to 02:00 pm and is located at 2443 Mosai Way, Suite A, Tyler.

For more information call (903)-630-3009 or visit their Facebook page at Lemon Yellow Latin Bites. The restaurant has indoor seating as well as takeaway and takeaway options.

Lemon Yellow Latin Bites in Tyler opened its doors in early December. The owners are Tahidi Perez and Chris Berlingeri, two Hispanic women who love food but most importantly love to share their culture.

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