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The phase of the project to resurface the Avenue Dumas in the city center is due to start in April.

The most critical phase of the project to resurface Dumas Avenue, the section between 1st and 14th Streets, is scheduled to begin in April, according to Corey Karlin of SEMA Construction, project manager. On Thursday, Carlin performed in front of the Dumas Lions Club.

Carlin told the Lions that work on the current south phase, which stretches from Walmart on the south side of town north to 14th Street, should be mostly completed by next month. He said the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) definition of full is all four lanes ready for normal traffic. The construction of the southern phase must be completed before the company can begin operations in the city centre.

Karlin said the reason for the delay between the completion of work in the south and the start in the city center is that the subcontractor will have to complete work to install new drainage holes in the city center as part of the project. Because the installation will include a 10-foot deepening to connect the new entrances to the city’s drainage system, the work must be completed and workers removed before construction can begin on the roadway. He added that the city drainage system is located only on the western side, so the installation of water intakes will take place only there. During the installation, lanes will be closed daily. Each will be a block at a time and will last no more than 10-12 hours.

After installing new gutters, work can begin on the roadway. Work will be carried out in the same way as in the first two stages of the project, with traffic redirected in one direction and work progressed in the other. According to TxDOT’s initial schedule, the company will begin driving in the northern lanes, redirecting traffic to the southern lanes.

Work on the four lanes should be completed and the normal traffic pattern restored by December, Karlin said. He said TxDOT gave him a “very aggressive 180-day schedule” to get this part of the job done. He suggested that the entire project is scheduled to be completed by spring 2024.

Most businesses on Dumas Avenue are located between 1st and 14th streets. Carlin promised to work with businesses to ensure customers have access, adding that the company will ensure that every business has at least one open hotspot for as long as the street is destroyed. He said that access could be from the street or alley. Businesses that do not have a lane or lane will be provided with a front access point. He said he is working to improve communication with business owners so they stay up to date with developments that affect them.

Most of the work on the 1st or north phase of the project, which starts at 1st Street and ends at McClary Road, has now been completed, including a small section of US 287 between Dumas and Cactus. On Thursday, Karlin responded to a question raised by some businesses north of Dumas about the work being done at their entrances. Some businesses did not have curbs in front of parking lots in the past. They were completely open. Now this has changed with new construction. Parking lots now have sidewalks and curbs next to the street. Standard driveway aprons provide access for motorists. Karlin said TxDOT has designed the project to current specifications, which require a certain number of curbs, sidewalks and handicapped access. He said that he managed to rebuild some of the aprons to better fit garages and other things, but he can’t increase their size. “I can’t make everyone happy,” he said, noting that he has a spec book from TxDOT that he must follow. “I can’t redo the project. That’s how they designed it, and that’s how I should build it.”

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