The preschool book Vitamin C for Culture uses Mexican-American language and imagery not found in the genre.

Co-authors Susanna Garcia-Matheus and Mando Rayo decided to write a children’s book that reflects their own culture. They finished with a streak of three.

García-Matheus says the second book in the Vitamin C for Culture: Alphabetical Reference, Cultural Dictionary and Guidebook series recounts the experiences of the people of the frontier through illustrations and Spanish.

“One of the ways that I describe Spanish is that people are people who speak several named languages,” said Garcia-Matheus. “Just rely on what I call their ‘linguistic repertoire’ to communicate. And that’s a very strong feature of the book – we’re just using our bilingualism and how we use it every day in our lives.”

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She says that although the book is aimed at people of Hispanic origin, they are mindful of the diversity within the community.

For example, on the “S” page in a book that Garcia-Matheus says shows someone who could be mistaken for an Afro-Latino.

“And I love that because it really speaks to the diversity of the Hispanic community,” said Garcia-Matheus. “You know, we are not a monolithic group. We have a lot more variety inside.”

The other two books in the series are Vitamin T for Tacos and Vitamin R for Places.

Garcia-Matheus said they see the books as an opportunity to fill a gap in children’s literature.

“We saw this as an opportunity to contribute to children’s literature, multicultural children’s literature, because there aren’t many books – children’s books that reflect who we are, how we look, how we sound.” – Garcia. Matheus said.

Listen to other works by Garcia-Matheus in the audio player above.

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