The reason why there are so many broken fountains around Lady Bird Lake

Austin (KXAN) — After Arctic air blew into central Texas the week before Christmas, the much warmer temperatures that followed soon after beckoned many Austinites outside to thaw.

But if you’ve chosen the trail that circles Lady Bird Lake and Lake Austin to enjoy weekend sunshine, you may have wondered why some fountains flow and others don’t.

Kanya Lyons of the Parks Department said that when inclement weather is forecast, operations and maintenance personnel will bypass park facilities to shut off water to minimize damage. Once the severe weather has passed, staff will return to these locations to assess any issues.

Problems can be divided into two camps – simple solutions and more complex ones. Simple fixes will be reviewed during evaluation, while more complex fixes require more thought.

Since the last freeze, there has been a slight delay for park staff to clean up the damage due to the proximity to Christmas. After the operations and maintenance personnel returned to work, they turned on the pipes they could and turned off those that were damaged by the weather.

Lyons said the fountains and bathroom, which are still out of order, are awaiting further repairs.

Fountains awaiting repair

Here are the park facilities awaiting repairs after the last frost:

Heron Creek – 2″ branch line broken at bridge.

Decker Lake – Broken water hose bib.

Pigeon springs – Broken water pipe.

Dittmar Pool – Broken plumbing was shut off.

Butler Park – Broken valve.

Fiesta gardens – Broken water near the office, broken irrigation valve.

Men’s Polo RR – urinal cracked at the bottom.

Butler Park – Broken line in pursuit.

Great Hills – PRV broken

Bull Creek – Drinking Fountain.

Bull Creek Chase – Leaks in the wall.

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