The teenager drove out of the tornado in a truck while waiting for his parents at a doctor’s office in Pasadena.

The teenager escaped with no less than a scratch: a real miracle.

PASADENA, Texas. One can only sag after hearing the details of how a teenager survived a tornado in a truck.

The teen’s father said he and his wife entered the doctor’s office, leaving their son in the truck. At least two minutes later, the light began to flicker. Then there were two explosions.

“The doors started opening and closing very quickly,” said the father.

He said that he then went to the door to try to get his son to come inside, but it was completely dark outside.

“I saw debris flying everywhere, so I locked the door and went back to where the patient rooms are,” the father said. “It was loud. It was a loud, piercing roar.”

He said that the glass in the windows began to crack, and he even saw the roof come off the building. As everyone in the office ran to safety, his son was squatting inside the pickup truck with nowhere to go.

“He said the airbags had deployed and he sat down and just held on,” the father said. “I mean all this rock and everything went through the rear windshield. It’s good that he didn’t get hurt.”

He left with nothing less than a scratch.

“Certainly it is a blessing,” said the father.

The family is from La Porte, and according to the father, this is the first tornado they have survived. He hopes this is their last.

Watch the full interview with dad in the video below:

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