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“The timing was right: San Antonio City Council candidates begin filing for May 6 vote”

San Antonio – Incumbents and newcomers began arriving at San Antonio City Hall a little after 8am on Wednesday to get into the May 6th city vote as early as possible.

The filing period for the general election for the city, which includes all 10 municipalities and the seat of mayor, began on Wednesday and will run until February 17 at 5:00 pm. To deal with the initial influx of applicants, city secretary Debbie Racca-Sittre created a “registration day” with her staff in the council’s briefing room, where they could process multiple applications at the same time.

While 14 people had already filled out their applications to vote by the end of Wednesday, many more are likely to follow.

“My staff told me we could have up to 100 people in the past,” said Racca-Sittre, who oversees her first general election cycle as a clerk.

The first candidate to arrive on Wednesday was Thunderbird Hills Neighborhood Association president Dan Rossiter, who is seeking to replace District 7 council member Ana Sandoval. Sandoval’s resignation letter Tuesday means the District 7 race is the only race so far that is guaranteed not to have a running candidate.

“So, for the last couple of years, I’ve been thinking about it. And obviously with recent events, it’s time to throw your hat down and get on with it,” said Rossiter, who is also an engineer at the Southwestern Research Institute.

Rossiter isn’t the only one who sees an opportunity.

SA Digital Connects chief executive Marina Alderete Gavito also applied on Wednesday.

“I’ve always thought about how I could best serve locally because I really feel like that’s where change is happening,” Gavito said.

While Rossiter and Gavito are applying for the position for the first time, others have already gone down that path.

Irina Rudolph ran for District 6 Council in 2021 but lost to council member Melissa Cabello Hawrda.

“The first time it was spontaneous. I woke up and said: “I’m running” – no help, no money. This time I’m ready. I have a group of volunteers, so I plan to win this time,” said Rudolf.

Cabello Hawrda also came to file on Wednesday when she is running for a third term.

“The more you sit on the council, the more you can get things done, you know? So I actually have a lot more options,” she said.

For information on how to apply to vote on May 6, Click here.

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