Three charged with capital murder following Kennedale car wash shooting

Three men have been charged with capital murder in a shooting that killed one teenager and injured another at a car wash in Kennedale in October, while charges against two other men were dropped, Kennedale police said Tuesday .

Emmanuel Beart, 19, Christopher Luebano, 17, and Nicholas Luebano, 20, are charged with murder and aggravated assault. Lawyers for Christopher and Nicholas Luebano did not immediately respond to a request for comment, and it’s unclear if Bear has a lawyer.

Kennedale police found 18-year-old Hayden Scarlato and a teenager with gunshot wounds in a parked car on October 26 in the 6300 block of Threepoint Drive, near the city’s border with Arlington, police said. Scarlato later died.

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In November, authorities arrested Xavier Aguilar, 21, and Sonny Ayala, 20, on charges of murder, aggravated assault and involvement in organized crime. On Tuesday, the police said “all charges against them have been dropped for the time being.” It is not clear if they have lawyers.

Prison records show that Nicholas and Christopher Luebano were arrested on 8 and 16 December respectively; it is not clear how they are related. Kennedale police said they were notified of Bear’s arrest on December 31 after he was detained in Allen.

All three remained in jail on Tuesday. Bear, who is being held at the Collin County Jail and also charged with organized crime, was released on $1.75 million bail. Christopher Luebano, who is charged with aggravated robbery in Dallas County, is being held at the Tarrant County Jail on $2.55 million bail, and Nicholas Luebano is also at the Tarrant County Jail on $1.1 million bail.

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