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TikTok-famous Houston Attorney known for racist tweets resigns from DA’s office

The prosecutor and famous Tik-Tok “Chef,” also known as Waymond Wesley II, announced his resignation from the Harris County District Attorney’s office on Tuesday following backlash over his racist and insensitive tweets about black women.

In an Instagram post, Wesley wrote alhot announcement of his departure and rehabilitation, which included an apology to black women.

“While the leadership of the DA’s office and I believed that a way forward was possible from the very beginning of this situation, it became clear that my presence was a distraction,” Wesley said. “But once I saw that my presence in the DA’s office was getting bigger than the office itself and the ability of black women in particular to feel protected, I knew the only correct course of action was to step down and allow the healing process to take place. start off.”

When Wesley’s comments resurfaced a few weeks ago, Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg defended Wesley’s work in the office, saying in a statement, “His recovery is ongoing. I believe in second chances, and since then Mr. Wesley has been acting professionally. join our staff.”

In addition to announcing his resignation, Wesley spoke about his problems with alcoholism and said he supported other Twitter users who were targeting black women to increase their social media following.

“There was a painful trend on Twitter from 2015 to 2016 of trolling black women to gain attention and followers,” Wesley said. “Unfortunately, I joined this trend. Alcoholism destroyed me mentally, spiritually and physically. I don’t hate black women. I never hated black women.”

Wesley is known for various tweets from 2015 to 2016 that spew hate predominantly towards black black women. In one 2015 tweet, Wesley compared a black woman to a garbage dump and said, “I don’t see the difference.”

Tweets from Waymond Wesley II’s now-deleted Twitter account.


In another tweet, Wesley posted a photo of a dark-skinned black woman and said, “She’s too black.”

“I regret that black women, who have already experienced dehumanization and discrimination from other racial groups, have become the brunt of this inflammatory discourse, which is largely led by black men online,” Wesley said in a statement Tuesday. “These tweets were not a drunken mind speaking sober thoughts.”

In an Instagram post, Wesley also denounced the tweet, which he said was fabricated and attributed to him. This tweet calls black women a punching bag. “The author of the tweet, Latry Howard, has since contacted me and personally apologized. I do not condone violence against anyone, especially black women.”

However, a disturbing tweet that Wesley did not mention in his apology was his remarks about former Prairie View professor Sandra Bland, who died in 2015 in Waller County police custody.

Weeks after her mysterious death, Wesley tweeted: “If black lives mattered to Sandra Bland, she wouldn’t kill herself. I’m serious too”. according to Twitter screenshots posted by @tayshusmama. Eight years later, Bland’s death raises many questions due to previous violent interactions with Waller County authorities. The county eventually ruled her death a suicide.

However, in his apology statement, Wesley pointed to his heavy addiction to alcohol as the main reason for his erratic behavior.

“In total, I spent about 19 months in hospitals and boarding schools for the treatment of alcoholism,” he said. “Alcoholism is a disease. He almost killed me. I’m not the same person I was in 2015.”

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