“Today I’m Broken” | Davidson County man loses family in North Carolina car crash

Dennis Palmer releases statement after losing his family in a car accident on NC-109 in Davidson County.

DAVIDSON COUNTY, North Carolina. A man lost his family in a head-on collision Friday night on NC-109 in Davidson County.

Dennis Palmer released a statement Tuesday following the death of his significant other, Brittany, and two sons, Aiden and Lincoln.

“Brittany and the boys were my whole world. Today I am broken, knowing that I have forever lost their joy and laughter. The only thing holding me together right now is the support of my family, friends, colleagues and community. “

Both of Palmer’s sons attended schools in Davidson County: Silver Valley Elementary School and South Davidson High School.

“Lincoln was my little man, who was larger than life at the age of seven. He most enjoyed learning and developing his skills in first-class classes, martial arts, baseball, football and basketball. He wanted all of this. Lincoln had the biggest heart. and he shone brightly when he was around his special friends. My favorite time was when he curled up in my lap and we laughed together.”

He also spoke about his son Aiden.

“Aiden taught me a lot in his twelve years. He was a wonderful soul and a quiet leader. He knew that he was part of something bigger than himself. … The world was better with him in it.”

Palmer said that Brittany was his “better half” and that’s why he became who he is.

“Our life revolved around our sons. Everything we did was because she [Brittany] did this. She took great pride in providing Aiden and Lincoln with a life of opportunity, learning, and adventure. She never missed their events and loved being part of the community.”

He said his life would never be the same without Brittany and his boys.

“This week our family will celebrate how they lived, not mourn how they died,” Palmer wrote in a statement.

He hopes that changes will take place so that another family does not experience the same “bottomless” grief that he and his family are experiencing.

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