Today on Texas Standard: Giant tourism investment comes to North Texas.

Here’s what’s on the Texas Standard on Thursday, January 12, 2023. Listen on your public radio station in Texas, or ask your smart speaker to turn on Texas Standard. Check back later today for updated story and audio links.

AND giant tourism investment comes to North Texas

Universal Parks & Resorts has announced plans to build a huge new tgem park and hotel in Frisco. The entertainment complex will be located almost on one hundred acres of land along the Dallas North Tollway as part of a $10 billion field development. Dallas Morning News Alexandra Check joins us more.

Will Laredo become a world trade center?

Laredo has long been the dominant land port between the US and Mexico. Now he’s ready to become even more importantas US companies fear of supply chain problems shift production from Asia to Mexico. Daniel Covarrubias, Director Texas Center for Frontier Economic and Enterprise Development at Texas A&M International University in Laredo, shares the details.

Small towns are afraid internet financing will not be to be fairly distributed

Federal Infrastructure Act of 2022 funded onceinacentury-old investment in internet infrastructure, especially in rural areas. To decide where to put the money, the FCC mapped existing broadband access, but many say the maps are flawed and there has been little time to fix them. Paul Flahive of Texas Public Radio He speaks many areasI’m worried they’ll be left behind:

Is there life after Twitter?

FROM Elon Musk T.Good Twitter, he cut moderation, allowed users previously banned for hate speech to return and banned some journalists who criticized him. Some have replied SWheading in general from social networksoh ohOthers have tried Twitter alternatives like Mastodon, Post, and Hive. How do you decide if it’s time to quit Twitter for good? Technical expert Omar Gallaga stock some tips.

Texans ask a lot of questions about the safety of gas stoves

Nearly half of Texas cooks on gas. Some swear this and I wouldn’t dream of cooking on an electric stove. But a new study on gas stoves and health could lead the federal government to give its opinion on the future of gas. This is reported by Bloomberg correspondent Ari Nutter.

‘The Myth of America’ nullifies the tall tales that define the US

A new book called The Myth America: Historians Take On the biggest legends and lies about our past” examines in detail some of the tall tales that have taken root in this country. FROMo-editor and professor at Princeton University Julian Zelizer joins us more.

How Texas and Florida are shaping the future of the right

Two states are at the forefront of right-wing politics and rhetoric: Texas and Florida. Luisita Lopez Torregrosa brings the argument to Texas Watcher and joins us today.

All of that, plus a roundup of the state of the Texas Newsroom and Welles Dunbar with “Texas Talk”.

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